Eat Right

Traditional food wisdom
to sustain us today.

Find true nourishment and pleasure in the discovery, preparation and eating of real foods and drinks. It’s not about fashionable dieting or being anxious about food choices, it’s about positive eating. Our ancestors enjoyed an ever-changing, seasonal variety of natural ingredients that they then ate raw, cooked, sprouted, salted or fermented.

Eat Right is a modern approach to this traditional and inherited understanding of nutrition, with techniques and inherited understanding of nutrition, with techniques including making butter, yogurt, ghee, lard, broth, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha as well as sprouting grains and activating nuts, alongside over 100 nutrient-rich recipes. This is a comprehensive and inspirational guide that will keep you in rude health.

Nick Barnard,
Co-founder Rude Health.

Nick Barnard co-founded Rude Health in London in 2005 with his wife Camilla. Rude Health is renowned for its innovative, delicious and nourishing foods and drinks, winning scores of awards for taste and ethical standards (including many Soil Association Organic Food Awards, numerous Great Taste awards and also being recognised in CoolBrand’s list of Britain’s trendiest brands). Nick is the inspiration behind the Rude Health rants, and is well-known for his infectious enthusiasm for traditional foods and drinks. In 2013 he was crowned World Speciality Porridge Champion, and continues his quest for the Golden Spurtle. Nick also helps out at Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch biodynamic community farms, where he is found as often as possible, happy as a pig in trough of acorns.

Written by Nick Barnard, Co-founder Rude Health.
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