Eat Right, Stay Brilliant Discovery Series 

Discover how to navigate the maize of milks (both dairy and dairy free) that face us on supermarket shelves with Rude Health’s own Nick Barnard.

Did you know? Raw milk is straight from the cow and is not pasteurised or treated in any way, except for refrigeration. When produced to the right regulated standards, it’s an excellent source of good bacteria, making it mighty nourishing (and darn tasty too).

In this workshop Nick Barnard, co-founder of Rude Health and author of Eat Right, will be discussing milk: the full spectrum. How is the price of a litre of milk the same as a litre of water? We seem to have lost connection with our dairy producers and farmers.

During the evening you will get the chance to compare and contrast a wide variety of milks, (including raw milk and butter). Discover the value, and taste of proper milk – both dairy and dairy-free and go home with your own bottle of the finest single estate Guernsey milk, and Rude Health Almond Drink too.


Date: Monday 16th January 2017

Time: 6:30pm – 8pm

Location: Rude Health Cafe, 212 New Kings Road, Fulham, Sw6 4NZ.

Tickets: £12 – book your ticket through Obby – here.