Rude Health’s January Wild Swimming event in London has been cancelled, please see communication that went to all sign ups below. The event in Manchester is still going ahead:

We admire your enthusiasm for swimming, wildly. 
It’s therefore with heavy hearts that we have to cancel Wednesday morning’s swim in The Serpentine. Very sadly, the Serpentine Swimming Club Committee decided over this weekend that they do not wish for the club to be associated with any commercial organisation (however well meaning). Sob.
The club reiterates however, that all you prospective swimmers are nonetheless welcome to go by yourself another time and are fully entitled to one free swim (permitting you sign a disclaimer), after which you can then decide to pay the annual membership fee of £20 (ideally online).
So although, tragically, we can’t be star-jumping on the banks of The Serpentine, wrapped in Rude Health bunting, topped with fluorescent branded swimming hats, and with one hand simmering porridge nearby – we are inspired and delighted by your daringness to bare.  
The Serpentine Swimming Club community are a little eccentric but brilliantly welcoming. You will adore getting to know them. And we’re only apologetic that we can’t personally facilitate this introduction.
Yours in rude health,
Elle, Rosie, Eliza and Emily Marketing Team (and avid amphibians) 

Rude Health

P.S. It’s rumoured that on Thursday morning, at 7.45am, The Serpentine are hosting a swim race and ‘Burns Breakfast’ maybe see you there! (in no corporate capacity!!)


To be in ‘rude health’ literally means being up for up for life and full of energy. This January, we’re encouraging you to be ‘in rude health’ trying something new. Forget #DryJanuary, we’re talking #TryJanuary Shake up your wake up. Add some rhumba to your routine. Join us for a wild swim. Clothes optional. Take that #NewYearNewYou…we’re already fabulous.


Meet us at The Serpentine Lido OR Manchester Uswim, Salford Quays. The swim will be lead by the wild swimming pros, The Wild Swimming Brothers, who will show us how it’s done. Calum will be in Manchester, Jack hosting in the Serpentine. Post swim you’ll be met with a warming Rude Health breakfast spread before heading off to work…in rude health. Literally.


Robbie, Calum and Jack Hudson, are three brothers who have grown up paddling in the lakes of Yorkshire these three felt like fish out of water in their dabble with office jobs. So they dived back in. Since then they’ve been the first to swim across the Saltstraumen whirlpool, they’ve completed the 9 day, 90-mile, River Eden challenge and have taken on the mission to get us all to reconnect with nature through wild swimming. Count us in.


Wednesday 24th January.

Manchester swim: 8.30am – 10am


8.30 am – Meet at the Dock 9, Media City UK, Salford Quays, Manchester.

8.45 am – Dive straight in for your wild swim.

9.00 – 10.00 am – Enjoy a mouth-bogglingly delicious Rude Health breakfast spread of porridge, granolas, and hot drinks.

Free tickets to January Manchester event HERE.

Free tickets to our London event in February.