Rude Health are returning to Holland Park for a wellness and fitness morning with Cru Kafe and KIN. The plan is to meet at Holland Park, endure a HYGA session and then a full CRU Kafe, Rude Health and KIN picnic style breakfast in the park.

Hyga, if you don’t know, is a concept created by KIN and has never been taught in the UK before. It is a hybrid style of training with intervals of HIIT training and yoga flow movement. The HIIT accelerates the heart rate and the yoga flow lengthens the warm muscles and increases mobility. We’re in.

This jam packed morning will be wrapped up in time for you to get to work and, it’s free.

Sign up, tell your colleagues, tell your friends and come and join CRU Kafe, KIN and Rude Health for a wellness morning in the sun.