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Brown Rice Crackers

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Brown Rice Crackers

Brown rice. Nothing else.

Brown Rice Crackers. Why are our Rice Crackers so much tastier that rice cakes? Maybe it’s because they’re thinner, so they’re crispier and more satisfying. Maybe it’s the whole grains of organic Piedmontese rice we use – they’re the best we’ve ever had. Whatever it is, Rude Health Rice Crackers are the perfect crunchy nibble with a little something on them, or even bare naked straight from the pack (just keep the curtains shut). 

£2.29 130 g


Brown rice (80%), white rice (20%)

Nutritionper thinper 100g
Energy24 kcal381 kcal
 103 kJ1610 kJ
of which sugars0.1g0.8g
of which saturates0.1g0.9g
Fibre0.4g 6.5g
Sodiumtrace <0.15g


Made in a facility which handles nuts.


Low fat

No Added Salt


High Fibre


Non GM


  • Retro: with organic peanut butter and home-made jam in a lunchbox
  • Boho: broken up, with cream cheese and caviar
  • Uh-oh: with guacamole and a little bit of red chilli. 

Brilliant! I don’t normally like rice cakes but these are excellent and so good for you!

– Nina

I have tried many rice cakes and these are certainly light and there is some flavour – recommend.

– Jo C

Really good, tasty, with the right ratio of crunch to airiness. These were the first rice cakes I tried and I am more than happy to keep buying them.

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