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Puffed Oats

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Puffed Oats

Light, toasty whole-grain oats.

Toasty, nutty, subtle and light, each and every one of these pure puffs is the grain, and nothing but the grain. Thanks to our top secret popping method, the sensation is oaty and floaty, while the fibre is kept intact: soluble, insoluble, satisfying, cholesterol-lowering, heart-loving. No added anythings, so you can add your own sweet choice of sweet somethings.

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Wholegrain oats (100%)

Nutrition *per servingper 100g
Energy61.7 kcal363 kcal
 260.6 kJ1533kJ
of which sugars0.1g0.6g
of which saturates0.1g0.6g

*per 17.5g Puffed Oats with 125ml semi-skimmed milk


Contains Gluten. Made in a facility which handles nuts. 


No Added Salt

No Added Sugar


High Fibre

No Artificial Anythings



Honest to goodness: tip into a bowl and drench with your favourite milk. The toasty taste is naturally sophisticated. Like minimalism, but edible.

Sweet as you like: maple syrup, honey, date syrup and banana make for a breakfast bonanza.

Beyond breakfast, dive into oat-cuisine! We toss Puffed Oats into our chewy no-bake high-energy bar. Get stirring at: 


Really nice puffed oats even tastier with oat milk.

– Louise

They are delicious! And my kids love them too. So much better alternative than the ones that are packed with sugar.

– Bilbi

Rude health has been a revelation to me. I started buying the no raisin muesli and my children kept stealing it. Then I buy the puffed oats and they are doing the same thing! These are delicious!

Another hit from rude health! Thanks for not putting any wheat or corn in this and still managing to make it delicious! This and the rice puffs are my favs.

Really tasty, no added sugar or salt. Delicious with a drizzle of the sweetfreedom natural sweetener and ice cold milk for a healthy breakfast. Definitely our favourite. Also fab in home made cereal bars!

– DP

Yum Yum. Great breakfast cereal – very tasty nutty flavour, no sugar and no wheat for a change. Goes really well mixed with other cereals – useful if kids have got used to sugary cereals and lasts longer – or on its own. 

My wife and I have just finished a box of “Rude Health Puffed Oats”, We enjoyed them immensely… The texture is good, no sugar is required and a small helping goes a long way. 

– Fergus 

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