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Spelt Oaty

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Spelt Oaty

Baked wholegrain spelt and oaty goodness

Spelt and oats are a great combination; the oats are comforting and satisfying while the spelt is rich and sophisticated. They make a great partner to cheese or canapes, they’re amazing to scoff on their own as a natural pleasure and are a perfect addition to the lunchbox of anybody who needs to be mentally and physically in tiptop shape all day, like pilots, surgeons and primary school kids.

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Scottish oatmeal, spelt flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, unrefined cane juice sugar, sea salt, bicarbonate of soda.

Nutrition *per biscuitper 100g
Energy53.5kcal428 kcal
 224.2 kJ1794 kJ
of which sugars0.47g3.8g
of which saturates0.29g2.34g


Contains Oatmeal and Spelt. The equipment used to make these oatys handles nuts.




High Fibre

Non GM

No refined sugars

  • Lunchbox envy: Ditch the sarnies and embrace the dip.
  • Medstyle: A generous layer of pesto and sliced tomato.
  • Kidult: Smothereed with hazelnut spread, topped with a pinch of sea salt.

Wicked, healthy snack which are perfect for an afternoon snack on my clean eating plan. Delicious with a small dollop of peanut butter

– Sarah

I make them into little sandwiches by spreading goats cheese on both oatys, and layering olive pieces in between- a great alternative to the traditional sandwich.

– Jess

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