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Super Fruity Muesli

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Super Fruity Muesli

Multigrain blend with apples, raisins, dates and apricots.

Super Fruity Muesli. The fruit we put in this muesli has ripened and sweetened in the hot sunshine. The seeds come from pumpkins and sunflowers that soaked up rays all summer long. Come autumn they all get harvested and mixed into our blend of smooth oats and toothsome barley and rye flakes. Each spoonful of soft, succulent fruit and high-fibre crunchy grains will have you riding a wave of pleasure for the rest of the day.

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Jumbo Oats, Porridge Oats, Raisins, Sultanas, Barley Flakes, Rye Flakes, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Dates, Apricots, Apple.

Nutritionper serving*per 100g
Energy187.2 kcal312 kcal
789.6 kJ1316 kJ
of which sugars7.4g12.3g
of which saturates0.8g1.3g

*60g Super Fruity Muesli


Contains Gluten. Made in a facility that handles nuts.


Wheat Free recipe

No Added Salt

No Refined Sugars

High in Fibre




This muesli just can’t get enough fruit, so we really go over the top. Grate the apple over it, make it with fruit juice rather than milk. Pile it on! 


Dear Rude Health, bored of additives, sweetener, processed, artificially tasty food. Totally happy to find a müesli mixture without cornflakes, sugar, nuts, now extra fruity is my favorite!!Thanks a lot for being rude:)

– Ezgi

Fantastic Muesli. Just the right amount of sweetness (some are either too sugary or too bland). Please dont stop making it.

– Emma Moore

I am completely addicted to the museli! I look forward to breakfast every day! It’s the best I’ve tasted! Keep up the great work!

– Michelle

I was a die hard Alpen fan until I picked up your Super Fruity muesli in Tesco – a real breath of fresh air, no more refined sugary starts to the day for me!

– Ruby Blue

I adore Super Fruity muesli, I am eating it by the box load and I get excited every morning by it’s loveliness! Don’t stop making it Rude Health, it is superb. 

– Sheradan Casson

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