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The Oatmeal

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The Oatmeal

Soft porridge for hard-core fans 

Cooking oatmeal is a skill – and a great one to have. Oatmeal isn’t steamed and rolled like oat flakes. Oatmeal is the original oat porridge, milled to different grades. We use our unique blend of the tastiest medium grade and pinhead Organic Scottish oatmeal. Our top tip for health and for taste: soak The Oatmeal overnight. Not only will it be creamier, you kitchen will have a lovely breakfast aroma before you’ve done anything. 

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100% organic oatmeal

Nutritionper serving*per 100g
Energy152 kcal380 kcal
 641.6 kJ1604 kJ
of which sugars0.4g1.0g
of which saturates0.4g1.0g

*40g The Oatmeal serving with water


Contains Gluten. Made in a facility which handles nuts.


High Fibre

No Added Salt

No Added Sugar

Wheat Free



Non GM


Soft spring water. Flaked sea salt. That’s it. Really. It’s unimproveable. Alternating spoonfuls of hot porridge with cold double cream is another way to achieve breakfast ecstasy. 


One spoonful of the finished product, and I am transported back 60 years to sharing breakfast with my grandfather in Dingwall. Wonderful! Rude Health “The Oatmeal” is a joy to prepare and to eat.

– Gavin Mackay

I had always liked the looks of oatmeal but all the ones I had tried were too soggy and a bit bland. But, I decided to try yours. I fell in love with it and have been telling all my friends to buy it because it tastes great. 

– Madeleine

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