Dairy alternatives aren’t necessarily healthier, especially when they’re loaded with strange ingredients such as thickeners and gums to make up for their lacks. We’d rather drink something more natural, like regular non-homogenised organic milk – at least we know it comes from happy cows that graze on fresh green pastures, albeit pasteurised.

However, we realise that we’re lucky to have this choice of dairy and non-dairy. Some of us have to avoid dairy, and somehow navigate our way through the ever-growing selection alternatives. At least we all have choices though – what a time to be alive.

We recently carried out a survey trying to understand why the dairy-free choice was becoming so popular. It turns out that many of us like to try new things just because we can. Mix things up from time to time you know? Experiment. One day it might be a beetroot almond milk latte, the next maybe a peculiar type of ‘cheese’ made from cashew nuts. Because, why not?

It’s the other reason that worries us; the assumption that dairy-free is automatically healthier. You can even get a dairy-free milk latte at McDonald’s these days. But does that automatically make the dairy free option better for you? Think about it. The quality of your milk should be considered at all times, whether it’s dairy or a dairy alternative.

The recent rise of intolerances to foods automatically makes us assume that foods – like dairy – are bad for us. In essence, our food hasn’t changed; it’s the way that we produce it which has. Producers compromise the quality of our food in order to make it last longer, more uniform and also cheaper. As long as we can get what we want, how we want, whenever we want it, we seem to be ok with turning a blind eye to the underlying situation. We only have ourselves to blame.

We, as a health conscious brand, are concerned about the confused understanding of what makes food healthy. We didn’t create dairy alternatives because we believe that they are healthier, we created them because we weren’t satisfied with the options we had available to us at the time. We’re pro choice.

The shelves were swamped with ‘healthy’ plant based alternatives loaded with carrageenan, flavourings, fructose, emulsifiers, and fortified with vitamins and calcium carbonate. Not things you would have heard of, let alone find in your kitchen cupboard. They are not natural, or healthy.

So as always, we simplified. We kept our ingredients natural, recognisable and flavoursome too. So that you never ever have to compromise, whatever choice you make.

Eat right, stay brilliant.