What have you always wanted to do in London? What’s been on your bucket list? ‘You’re in Rude Health Week’ was our event bucket list… and turns out people actually wanted to join in with us too.

You’re in Rude Health Week was 7 days, 7 events, 25 partners. The week was about trying something new, shaking up your wake up and adding some rhumba to your routine. The week was all about celebrating what it actually means to be ‘in rude health’ – whether that’s spiritually, creatively, mentally or physically. From wild swimming and woodcarving to boxing and meditating – we did it all.

So what went down?

Monday: Swimming, gone wild.

It started with a splash – in The Serpentine. Think beaming sunshine; Rude Health swimming hats; and leaping into the chilly water. All followed by a Rude Health spread for breakfast. British Adventurer Jamie Ramsay joined 17 other daring individuals for an action-packed morning.

You’re in rude health when… you dive in without dipping your toe in first. Yup, we did it. Proof is in the pictures: here.

Tuesday : Wood carving workshop

Woodcarving? You what? Yep. Tamogaotchis are back, and so is woodcarving. Sophie Sellu from Grain & Knot showed us all how it is done. Butter knives were whittled, the first aid kit was broken into, but wine and creativity flowed. The newly carved numbers were put to good use, being used to lather butter, sauerkraut and other delicious toppings on some Rude Health oatys and crackers.

You’re in rude health when… you carve your own cutlery. You lick the butter knife. You’ve never worn out a sofa. Get a slice of the action here.

Wednesday : Edible Cosmetics Masterclass and Supper Club with Made in Hackney.

This was skincare stripped bare. We made masks so pure you could eat them. Yep they felt good, did good and left us feeling lick-able. Turns out your skincare ingredients are in your kitchen, not your bathroom cupboard. Julie taught us to make toothpastes, natural face scrubs, a body scrub, and two face masks. If you want a taste of the action have a look at the recipes here.

You’re in rude health when… you make cosmetics so natural you could eat them for breakfast. You smile at the person in the mirror. You taste as good as you look. See our snaps here.

Thursday: Evening of Tonic: Mind, Body & Soul

You know when you arrive at a ‘relaxing’ event flustered, late and dishevelled wondering how you are ever going to feel zen? Well Rachael from Welford Wellbeing, Jade Jasmin and Jamu Kitchen did their thing and sorted us right out. Down in Dalston our minds, bodies and souls were given the once over with massages; reiki; medicinal drinks; and nourishing food. Count us fully transported to a zen state. Peace, tick. Tranquillity, tick.

You’re in rude health when… your GP says ‘sorry have we met before?’ Your mind and body are totally in sync. You float your own boat.

Friday Fighting: Black light boxing with The Wellscene and The Boxx Method

Slinging punches in the dark of a converted chapel in Maida Vale isn’t your average Friday night and it certainly packed a punch. Splattered head to toe in neon paint in a series of gruelling rounds – just boxing n’detoxing. POW. We’re already signing up for the next one. Join in on the fun here.

You’re in rude health when… you box like Mohammed Ali, in a sports bra.  You have muscles in places others don’t. You’ve never worn out a sofa.

Saturday : Evening of Yoga, Gong Bath and Cocktails with Soul Circus 

We opened up the lawns of Rude Health HQ to 28 keen and limber yogi’s. The meditative marathon began with a ‘bang’, actually more of a ‘chime’, of Otto’s gong bath. Turns out bathing in sound waves IS all its hyped up to be – and more. Move over water baths we’ve found a new way to relax. Then onto food, obviously. The Rude Health Café topped off the evening with their signature cheddar kimchi toasties and cocktails to finish. Zen-ness tick. Photos of happy yogi’s here.

You’re in rude health when…you try something new without batting an eyelid. They call you pretzel girl behind your back in yoga. You can touch your toes and look great doing it.

Sunday: Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Brunch with Active 360

Intrepid guests opted to swap the footpath for a spot of canal-faring to round off the week of activities. Sam from Active 360 steered the way to killer ab-dom, from Putney Bridge to Hammersmith and all the way back again. Not for the faint-hearted. Having paddled up an appetite we were all rewarded with a Rude Health Café’s finest spread for brunch. Spades of dutch baby pancakes, yes please. Pictures here.

You’re in rude health when…. you brave the wild waves before breakfast. You paddle board in the Thames. Your smile lines are stronger than your frowning ones.

What activities have you always wanted to try? Email us (hello@rudehealth.com) and we’ll bare it in mind for You’re in Rude Health Week 2018.