This fabulous recipe ‘Captain Black’s Rum and Apple Oats’ was kindly given to us by Ben Black and Justin Jeffries from My Family Care to support the Rude Health Porridge Championships.
Ben is the director of My Family Care and Tinies Childcare and works together with Justin. They’ve shaken up Britiain’s childcare industry and Tinies is now the UK’s leading childcare agency. Ben and Justin rustled up a boozy spiced porridge recipe for the Rude Health London Porridge Championships.

apple rum porridge

Serves 3



2 cups The Oatmeal

2 cups Apple Juice

Spiced Rum to Taste


400ml Whole Milk

800ml Water (warning you may not need this quantity of water! Add slowly)

A pinch or two of salt

Chopped Dates


Chopped Apple