Coconut Black Rice Porridge by Tess Ward – The YES Chef.

As the weather is changing, so too does the type of food our bodes need. In the summer months, lighter cold smoothies, juices, yoghurt bowls are all wonderful to start the day with, but as the colder months roll in something more nourishing and warming is often required.

As much as I love oats and grains, they can be overdone. I am a championing fan of porridge, but a glut of it every morning gets a bit old. So I have been seeking out inspiration from new grains. In light of a recent visit to a central London restaurant called Nopi (another in the Ottolengthi group) I have created a dish based around Chinese black rice. A creamy black nutty porridge alternative. Its cereal-free, thus gluten free. It also just so happens to be vegan and sugar free, completely by accident… wouldn’t you look at that.

coconut black rice

It might sound completely odd, the idea of eating rice porridge for breakfast, but I promise you, it is delicious. The longer, lower and slower you cook it, the more it breaks dow and becomes a pleasing thick porridge texture. If you can find black rice, try a Japanese short grain brown rice, or Arborio risotto Rice.

Serves 2-3


1 cup Chinese Black Rice
400ml Rude Health Coconut Milk


1. Throughly wash the rice in a sieve under the cold tap.

2. Place in a saucepan with the coconut milk.

To sweeten: 3-4 tb maple syrup, 3-4 tbs coconut palm sugar or 8 drops vanilla stevia

To serve: goji berries and a swirl of thick coconut yoghurt (which I made by blending up flesh of coconut with almond milk and a dash of vanilla extract. Just enough milk to get the coconut pulp to the thickness of yoghurt.)