It’s the crispy crunch that makes these little balls so satisfying. That and the salt in the peanut butter, if you choose peanut butter with salt.  They go equally well with a cup of tea or in a lunch box.

Makes about 10 bite-sized balls.


20g Peanut butter, crunchy with sea salt.

20g Date syrup

10g Dark chocolate or cacao in small pieces

25g Honey Multiflakes

10g Daily Oats

15g Sesame seeds freshly ground


1. Melt the Date syrup and chocolate in a pan until the chocolate is liquid, then take the pan off the heat and stir in the peanut butter.  This helps thicken the mixture to make it more roll-able later.

2. Now add all the dry ingredients and mix in.  If you want to roll these into neat balls, refrigerate them for about an hour then roll them, crushing the Honey Mulitflakes and using more sesame seeds to coat the little balls and stop them sticking to everything.  Alternatively simply spoon the mixture into loose balls and put into little paper cases, bite-sized are best.