We won’t take it any longer.  January is a cold, dark, depressing month as it is, why make it worse? Let’s flip it. Starting a New Year #InRude Health is about trying something new, instead of giving things up. Add some rhumba to your zhumba, spring to your step, glitter to your gear and rum to your Almond Drink.

 This January, Bart’s Bar will be adding our #RudelyAlternative drinks to their spirits cabinet in the form of 3 special cocktails; the Don Matcha, Almond Pacino and the Bacardi & Clyde. These are some of the photographs taken from the launch evening ft. experimental cocktails, mocktails and snacks from ChicP Hummus. If you missed out, fear not – the cocktails are still available to order throughout the rest of the month.


Don Matcha