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12-14 medium beetroots (mostly red, with some yellow, white and striped  varieties), scrubbed and topped and tailed


Freshly chopped horseradish, onion, ginger, garlic and dill

Seeds, such as caraway, or fennel are also good- cloves too

Sea salt or shio-koji

Freshly filtered water


Suitable glass containers, such as flip-top jars, or preserving jars and lids.


1. Peel the beetroots if you wish, then chop into coarse julienne strips or cubes.

2. Prepare the other vegetables, seeds and herb ingredients (if using) and mix in with the beetroots.

3. Add salt to taste, start with a tablespoon to begin with. Mix it in well and see how it tastes.

4. Press and seal, pack the chopped beetroots or mixture into the jars and tamp it down with a rolling pin or a kraut pestle. Leave about a 2.5cm gap at the top of each jar.

5. Top up with enough water to cover the vegetables. Press down, seal and leave out at room temperature.

6. For the first 3-4 days, burp the jars by opening them, morning and evening, to release the carbon dioxide. Press down the vegetables again to keep them under the liquid.

7. Enjoy- the beetroot is now ready to eat. Preserve for months by slowing down the wild fermentation in your fridge.