A salad with an oaty twist. The best thing about this green breakfast bowl recipe is that you can use up any of your left over greens in the fridge.


Serves 1

15 mins


50ml Rude Health Oatmeal

150ml water

Pinch of sea salt

1 egg

A sprinkle of mixed seeds

A wedge of lemon or lime

Any salad you have lying around. We’ve used coriander, sprouts, spring onion, and avacado

Olive Oil


1. Chop your salad

2. Boil the egg or if you prefer it fried then wait until after making your oatmeal

3. Make your oatmeal (see recipe here)

4. Serve the porridge and onto the bowl, add a splash of olive oil, scatter the salad, and top with an egg.

5. Don’t forget to season!