Our Hazelnut Drink is made with roasted hazelnuts for natural sweetness.  Add to coffee, cereal or go hazel-nuts for this rich velvety dairy-free milkshake.

We matched our Hazelnut Drink with organic cacao, turmeric and cinnamon. A tantalising trio teeming with exotic sensual flavours, and health benefits akin.

Just chuck the ingredient in the blender, dunk in your straw and suck up some summery sunshine with each sip.


1 cup of Rude Health Hazelnut Drink,

1 tbsp organic cacao powder

Pinch of organic turmeric

Pinch of organic cinnamon

1/2 tbsp raw coconut oil

1/2 tbsp organic coconut sugar



Add all the ingredients to your blender and blitz into a summery chocolaty knock out.

Eat right, stay brilliant.