A mighty matcha smoothie made with our very own coconut drink. The perfect breakfast to kick start your day and get you leaping out bed in the morning.

Forget coffee. Give yourself some real get up and go with this tongue tickling, antioxidant filled smoothie that will shake up your senses.  Pour it, sip it or even eat it with a spoon, but be prepared to feel unstoppable.

We like to shake it to wake it so turn around,touch the ground and give our bottom a wiggle.

Our dairy-free Coconut Drink is blended together with matcha and banana to create this superfood smoothie filled with all kinds of nutrient goods to give you an energy boost like no other.


1½ cup (350ml) Coconut Drink

2 frozen bananas

½ cup of ice

1 tsp of coconut palm sugar (you can use more or less. How strong is your sweet tooth?)

a few tsps – 2 tbsps matcha powder (depending on your Matcha and how strong you like it . We love to use Teapigs)


Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

Serve up immediately.



This recipe and photography was provided by Tina Jui, from The Worktop.

Eat right, stay brilliant.