Oatly delicious.

RH Strawberry & rhubarb oats (5)

Serves 1 


50g (½ cup) Rude Health, Sprouted Oats

125ml (½ cup) Rude Health, Oat Drink

A pinch of salt


For the strawberry and rhubarb compote:

1 small Rhubarb stalk, sliced

5 Strawberries, cut into chunks

4 tbsp apple juice

½ tsp vanilla extract

RH Strawberry & Rhubarb overnight oats (1)


1. Place the chopped rhubarb with 2 tbsp apple juice into a large saucepan and gently heat on a medium-low setting and cover with a lid

2. After 2-3 minutes most of the liquid should have absorbed and the rhubarb should be beginning to get soft. Turn down the heat and add in the chopped strawberries, vanilla extract and the additional 2 tbsp of apple juice, cover and heat for a further 2-3 minutes

3. Once all of the fruit has broken down and you’ve reached a thick compote consistency remove from the heat and leave to cool

4. Meanwhile, in a jar combine the oats, oat drink and salt then mix well

5. Either add the compote straight on top of your oats or layer with the overnight oat mixture in a fresh glass or jar the following morning

Serve with fresh berries and a dollop of yogurt if you can spare the extra 5 seconds!

RH strawberry & rhubarb overnight oats (2)