This Winter Bircher Muesli is wonderfully fresh, comforting and couldn’t be quicker – as long as you have some compote or  fruit to hand.  If you’re using cranberries in the compote, make sure there’s some sweeter fruit in the mix too.

Winter Bircher

Serves 1


60g Rude Health Bircher Soft & Fruity Muesli

80ml Rude Health Coconut Drink

1 tbsp seasonal red berry compote*

* Slowly simmer berries, and sugar to taste, in a heavy bottomed pan until softened


1. Pour the Bircher muesli into your favourite bowl and add the Coconut Drink. It’ll soak up the liquid in seconds, so just add more if you like it wet.

2.  Spoon the compote on the top. Enjoy.