Recipes - Rude Health

Hungry for new ways to enjoy our food & drinks, or looking for rudely healthy inspiration? You’ll find temptation in many forms in these recipes.

Blueberry Maple Bacon Porridge
breakfast cheesecake
sprouted banana bread
apple crumble
sprouted tart
oaty bread sauce
pork loin
sprouted muffins
spicy parsnip soup
Manna-Live Porridge
Nut and Seed Flapjack
banana bread
Winter Bircher
mushroom porridge
top banana
Probiotic Power Smoothie
honestly healthy mango and avocado porridge
autumn forage porridge
banana bread porridge
La Madre
Beetroot, Apple & Ginger Porridge
hazelNUT just any porridg
Gingerbread Porridge
Arabian Mornings
Cheeky Chocolate Pudding with Creamy Almond Butter
cacao blackberry cake
Oatys and pesto
Oaty & beetroot relish
Oatys chutney
thins and salsa
oaty thins salsa
Multigrain Thins Picalili
muesli and berry medley
Bircher Muesli
Berry blast
Berrylicious Porridge
tiramasu porridge
Apple Rum Porridge
savoury porridge
Oatmeal & salted caramel in a melty chocolate cup
mince pie porridge
How to make Oatmeal
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