£10 lunch with two courses and a drink for June

This June we’re celebrating lunch breaks. Done properly. Done mindfully. 

We’re not talking shovelling a sandwich in whilst crossing the road, or slurping soup whilst scrolling through emails but stopping, mindfully eating and enjoying your food.

Why not read a book or magazine from the Cafe’s shelves, play cards, chat, talk?

This is what having a lunch break #inrudehealth is all about.

To celebrate lunch done proper, we’re offering you a gut friendly, mood boosting, nourishing ‘happy’ meal deal.

Our Happier Meal Deal includes:

  • A Cheese and Kimchi Sandwich
  • Crisps & Almonds
  • Water Kefir or Kombucha

*All using nourishing, mood boosting ingredients.

Our homemade kimchi is packed with readily available nutrients thanks to its slow fermentation;  Almonds are high in proteins and fats; and our home brewed Water Kefir and Kombucha has a breadth of good bacteria to feed your gut.

Yes please.