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With Good Food Inside You, 
You Can Do Just About Anything

In 2005, Nick and Camilla Barnard set out to create the world’s most enjoyable muesli. As well as being face-meltingly delicious, this Ultimate Muesli turned out to be incredibly good for you. Fifteen years later, it’s still blowing people’s pyjamas off, and it’s been joined by a huge range of Rude Health cereals, snacks and drinks made using the best of the best ingredients.

At Rude Health, we make our food out of great 
things and don’t add anything fake or artificial.

When you apply that philosophy to your life, you’ll find you don’t need diets or supplements. Instead, you stock up on good friends and dirty weekends; skinny dips and Beaujolais. Porridge is just oats… but wine is just grapes. We believe in living fast and dying old.  If you live like that, you’re in rude health. You feel you can do just about anything. You run for the bus in heels. You skip ropes not meals. You look sexy while line dancing. You moonwalk. You get checked out in the high street, you fox, you. You start a breakfast brand from your kitchen table.


We take our food seriously, but not ourselves. We're as proud of our team, as we are our ingredients. We like them wild and unrefined. These are the people who inspire us. Each and every one is in rude health. Not one is rude.

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Do you know your kimchi from your kraut? Your glutes from your gluten? Would you like to join a dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative, urban health food business in South West London?

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