Peanut Milk: All You Need to Know


Peanut milk is made from soaking, blending, and squeezing peanuts, in order to extract a milk-like liquid bursting with peanut-y flavour. It can be used in baking, cooking or enjoyed as a dairy alternative. We at Rude Health are officially peanut pioneers and have recently added the UK’s first peanut drink to our gang of eight dairy alternatives.

When we make our drinks, we lead with flavour, and this mantra holds true for our newest addition. If an ingredient isn’t needed or doesn’t taste great, it doesn’t make the cut. We found that our peanut drink tastes its best when our peanuts are Organic, roasted and blended with spring water. That’s it.


Bad at making decisions? You have more in common with a peanut than you think. They begin by blossoming above ground before they dive back down into the soil again. These sensitive little numbers need more time to mature before taking centre stage as Peanut Drink.

Don’t be fooled by their namee, peanuts aren’t actually nuts. Nu(t)-ah. They’re legumes. Naturally, Peanut’s are very kind and gentle legumes that have our best interest at hands. That’s why the lovely things are cholesterol free and a great source of vitamins and minerals. Such as biotin, copper, niacin, folate, manganese, vitamin E, thiamin, phosphorus, and magnesium. Peanuts have got your back.

Here’s a nutty idea… Ever fancied flying to the moon? One lucky peanut got to do just that. Astro-nut. Alan Shepard took a single peanut with him for the trip of a lifetime in 1971. He really did love it to the moon & back.

It might be the most common nut in UK supermarkets but don’t tell peanut’s their not fancy. Scientifically known as “Archaic Hypogea”, the peanut’s got a whole lot of history. These nutty numbers were even treasured by the Peruvian Inca, burying their dead alongside pots of peanuts. W

Looking for a career change? Bet you never considered the patron saint of peanuts. Dr George Washington Carver did and bagged the role after dedicating his life’s work to finding out 300 different uses for Peanuts. Think a substitute for asparagus and writing ink, no wonder he earned it. Hat’s off to you George.

You’re in Rude Health when… you win the Guinness World Record for the furthest Peanut throw. Yup, a man called Collin Jackson won the title by hurling the peanut an impressive 37.92 meters.

The Peanut familia? has four members, Spanish, Runner, Valencia and Virginia. Now that’s the kinda family you want to marry into. GLORIOUS.



For the fit: Slosh peanut drink in your morning peanut butter and jelly shake or snickers smoothie for a subtle nutty flavour.

For the foodies: Chicken satay, peanut miso ramen, pad thai, peanut sweet potato and lime soup. The peanut possibilities are endless.

For the fanatics: Chug and glug straight from the carton.

See all our peanut recipes here.




For such a little legume, peanuts perform pretty powerfully on their own and we’ve discovered that with a few ingredients and a bit of patience, it’s pretty easy to make peanut milk at home. Want peanuts on tap? Try following our simple recipe here.


We launched our dairy alternative drinks because we didn’t think people should have to lower their standards on quality of food and ingredients when choosing a dairy alternative. We saw shelves full of ‘healthy’ nut and plant based milks which contained carrageenan, flavourings, emulsifiers, and which were fortified with vitamins and calcium carbonate. These ingredients and additives are not things you would have heard of, let alone find in your own kitchen cupboard.

When you buy a dairy alternative, you shouldn’t expect anything less than what you would use to make your own nut drinks. Our drinks are a simple blend of ingredients that we all recognise. Nothing artificial. Nothing refined.

You’re in rude health when… you froth it like it’s hot. You know your ultimate from your almond. You always shake vigorously.