What is Kombucha?

What’s it all a-booch? Kombucha is a naturally sparkling fermented tea drink that is thought to have originated in the Chinese region of Manchuria. It has since been adopted by many different countries and cultures (pun intended) and is now a popular, refreshing drink among those with an interest in the microbiome or gut health, often enjoyed as an alternative to alcohol or other fizzy drinks. 

See how to make it here. Or learn more on what it’s all about below.


What does it taste like?

Sitting somewhere between beer and champagne, Kombucha is sweet and sour in flavour. Kombucha is fermented by adding a colony of bacteria and yeasts, known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) or mother, and sugar to green tea. Black tea and white tea can also be used, but herbal tea doesn’t have the right nutrients for the SCOBY to thrive. It can then be flavoured with ginger, fruit, herbs or spices. 

Why is Kombucha good for you?

Like other live and fermented foods and drinks, Kombucha is a rich source of friendly bacteria and yeast which can positively contribute to your microbiome or gut. Your gut is like a web, intricately jumbled and individual to you. Because of this, how we each process different foods and drinks is individual, so the benefits of Kombucha will vary from person to person. If you’re not used to eating or drinking fermented foods, they can take some getting used to. Start with a bottle and see how you go. 

What’s good about our Kombucha?

Rude Health Kombucha comes in two tasty flavours, original and ginger. Our Kombucha is unpasteurised or raw, meaning that it has not been heated to kill off bacteria. It is also uncarbonated, meaning that fizz is all natural. Zing. Find it now in Waitrose and Planet Organic.

How do we like it?

Going dry? Try out kombucha as an evening aperitif. Who needs alcohol when you’ve got that booch buzz. 

Going hard? Make a kombucha punch or mix our booch with prosecco. Fizz on fizz.  

Wish you hadn’t gone hard? Try our kombucha to help the hangover. Let those bubbles do their thang.

Can you get drunk off Kombucha?

Typically, Kombucha has less than 1.2 percent alcohol by volume, and is classified as a soft drink. Enjoy irresponsibly. If you’re pregnant, hold off. 

How do you make Kombucha?

Green Tea. Sugar. Filtered Water. Scoby.  

That’s it. Find out the whole process here.

Gimme some sugar.

Kombucha is a living drink made with a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), therefore it has to be treated like any living thing. With care. The bacteria and yeast like to be in a warm, acidic environment, and they need two things to flourish and do their magic. Tea and sugar. It needs to be real tea and real sugar. No herbal tea, rooibos or other tea alternative works. And the same goes for sugar. The yeast can only survive when you feed it real sugar. The purer, the better. So don’t feed your SCOBY coconut sugar or stevia because it won’t thrive, in fact it will starve bacteria and yeast.

You’re in rude health when you’re effervescent. You’re a mighty boochYou like big booch and you cannot lie.  

Available from: Waitrose and Planet Organic