The World Bog Snorkelling Championships

Looking for an in rude health activity? Look no further. Try Bog Snorkelling this 2019.

Conventional sport not your thing? Listen in we’ve got just the sport for you.

Bog what? What is bog snorkelling?

Bog Snorkelling Championships is literally as it sounds, a competition where you snorkel the length of a bog, as quickly as possible. The event, hosted in Llanwrtyd Wells every August Bank Holiday Sunday is just the bank holiday inspiration you’ve been looking for. The event summons a global audience to snorkel two lengths of this notorious peat bog, weeds and all. Started in 1976 the idea was dreamt up by Gordon and his pub pals at the Neuadd Arms Pub down the road. No surprise that 34 years later it’s a ‘must do’ in all of our calendars.

It’s time to don your flippers and snorkels and get practicing for the 34th annual World Bog Snorkelling Championships in Wales next summer? Yep, it’s a thing.

You’re in rude health when…

You’re a bog snorkelling fanatic.

You’re no bog-standard snorkeler.

You’re Bob from the Bog.


5 things you didn’t know about bog snorkelling:

  1. The rules are there are no rules, actually, that’s not quite true.
  2. There is one important rule, no conventional swimming. Flipper force alone has got to get you from a to b(og) in this competition.
  3. Everyone’s a winner here. Everyone gets a medal.
  4. Fancy dress is positively encouraged.
  5. Swallowing bog water is positively discouraged.

Meet the man behind the madness, Bob from the Bog:

Bob has been a part of this epic Bog-athon since 2007 helping to conjure this annual event from the bog-inning till the end.

We asked him a few questions:

How did you first get involved with bog snorkelling?

When I moved to Llanwrtyd Wells from the slightly larger area of London I wanted to involve myself in the community so joined Green Events.

I had previously been the manager of a Boys football team, ran a cricket team (works) and organised various other sports

Why bog snorkelling?

It is utterly ridiculous and it’s for everyone, all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes, fancy dress or not. I’m always inspired by the good spirit of the competitors, even when the rain is pouring.

What is your favourite fancy dress costume that you've seen at the Championships to date?

There have been some excellent ones, however, I think my favourite is the pantomime horse, how the rear end girl managed to breathe I have no idea.

Who is the most inspiring person that you've met through the Championships?

That would be Jason who suffers from MS, He has competed for a couple of years now and he uses the competition to give him something to aim for thus he keeps in health by swimming. Apparently, his local swimming baths set aside a lane of the pool for him and his daughter to practice in.

We'll be traveling down to Llanwrtyd Wells next year, what are the other must see's whilst we're there?

You must go to the Washpool for a dip in the refreshing waters, perhaps visit Wolfs leap which is linked to the last wolf to live in Wales (Wild one that is).

The Devils staircase and the reservoirs, which at times look like Canadian lakes.

There is also the Heritage centre in town and the Epynts a few miles away, where the scenery is particularly stark.

What is your go-to sing-song in the shower?

Don’t often sing as even I know I have an awful singing voice but when I do it would be something from the 60s such as ‘I’ll never get over you’ Johnny Kidd and the Pirates or something by the Kinks or Buddy Holly. I have tried opera but it sets all the local dogs off.

What would be your food of choice in a food fight?

Is this a serious dispute fight? If so I think I’ll go for a Coconut, which would be most effective. If it’s a light-hearted number I’d opt for a Trifle, it spreads so well on impact.

How would your nearest and dearest describe you?

I think my children see me as someone who doesn’t take life too seriously and has an odd fashion style (I’ve never been conformist).

This sporting title isn’t bog standard it’s flipper-ing marvellous. Go on, take the plunge and don’t bog it.

Sign up online now HERE. Or turn up at the bog on the day to dive straight in. Rude Health will be there in full force, serving porridge and handing out swimming hats.

When: 25thAugust 2019. We dare you.

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