BIG NEWS: Family Sized Almond Drink

You called. We answered.

Gone are the days of fighting for the last drop of Almond Drink… because it will take you a heck of a long time to get there. Our new Family Sized Almond Drink will be big enough to satisfy a family of four for a year.

One carton, one year. Genius.

In fact, the new drink is so big that some stores are building separate facilities to stock it and others are only making it available online. Look out for the Almond Drink garage. Just be sure to bring some friends to help carry it home.

Our Head of Innovation, Bertel Haugen, says: ‘Our Almond Drink sales have been growing for five years, with many families buying multiple cartons a week. We wanted to find a cost saving solution for our customers as well as offering something different to our competitors. Then it hit us. As our popularity grows, so too should our Almond Drink. Our new Family Sized Almond Drink is a big deal for us and a win, win for everyone. We only have to do one production run per year and Rude Health fans only need to buy one Almond Drink annually.’

Family Sized Almond Drink is ambient but must be chilled when opened. Stuck for space? Try decanting our carton into multiple glass jars! Like all of our foods and drinks, Almond Drink is organic and made with only real, recognisable ingredients.

Stockists: Cost-co-lossal, Weightrose, Sainsburlys, More-issons, Planet Gigantic or buy now on our website.