The hunt is on…

Easter weekend is finally here, 
‘four days off!’ we hear you cheer.
To celebrate this great occasion,
join an Easter egg hunt of the Rude Health persuasion. 
Find a colourful egg for the chance to win,
deep in our website, they’re hidden within.
One’s by a recipe, another near a drink.
Both hiding so well, they’ll be missed if you blink 
A third’s close to people jumping for joy.
Perhaps they’re a group who Rude Health employ?
And as for the last, it’s there on display,
lurking next to the gift that you’ll win if you play. 
So, go for a hunt and screenshot what you find,
to win a big bundle that’s one of a kind.

We’ve hidden four Easter eggs on four different pages of our website. If you find one of our hidden eggs, screenshot, or take a photo of the page and send back to us on Instagram Messenger or to

We’ll select four random winners from everyone who finds an egg. They’ll each receive a HUGE box of our foods and drinks.

Good Luck!