An Interview With A Bog Snorkelling Triathlon Champion

Meet Danny. Bog Snorkelling Triathlon Champion and all round bog-tastic.

The Rude Health Bog Snorkelling Triathlon takes place in Llanwrtyd Wells every summer and is as wacky as it sounds. We’re talking running, mountain bike riding, and bog snorkelling. (Curious? Find out more HERE.)

For Danny The Bog Snorkelling Triathlon is a family affair. The first time he competed he took part alongside his sister, bog snorkelling champion Natalie. Turns out he was pretty good. He ended up becoming world champion and shattering the world record. 


We asked him a few questions:

How did you first hear about the Bog Triathlon?

I was a super keen triathlete for a while and my sister and I used to race all over the world. One day she said ‘Want to come and race in Wales’ – I was keen. We camped and when I got there my sister pulled out a snorkel and flippers for me and explained what we were doing. I hate the swim of a triathlon so was super happy to have the added fun to that. That was the year both my sister and I broke the world record.


Why did you chose the Bog Triathlon over a regular Triathlon?

I love being outside. I love triathlons that are not regular distances. It just makes it much more fun and less serious – you don’t know what you’re gonna do. I also love people who have a spark in them, a twinkle in their eye. Every single person who takes part in the bog snorkelling weekend has that! That combination is literally my most perfect type of fun!


Who is the most inspiring person you've met through the Bog Triathlon?

You get all sorts. All ages. All types of people. I think each and every person that gets in that bog is inspiring. It shows you don’t take yourself seriously. It shows you like to smile. And again it’s all about connecting over something totally bonkers!


What are some other in rude health activities that you love?

I love the experience of a combined Project Awesome and Rude Health early morning workout. But that pales when compared with the naked unicycling.



We hear this runs in the family. Tell us more.

My sister and I have history with the bog in general. The first year we did the triathlon we both broke the world record and became world champions.

In the Mountain Bike Bog Snorkel that same year we managed to become world champions. To leave a weekend with 2 world championships and a world record is something hugely special!!!


What would your auto-bog-raphy be called?

Bog Standard 

If you had to choose between a snorkel or flippers, which would you opt for?

Flippers all the way – you don’t want to see what’s in the bog. Eels. Water Scorpions. A dead sheep once!

Interested in the Rude Health Bog Snorkelling Triathlon? Go on, take the plunge and don’t bog it.

Sign up online now HERE. Rude Health will be there in full force, serving porridge and handing out swimming hats.

When: 24thAugust 2019. We dare you.

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