Breakfast The Bright Way

Say good morning to our new and refreshed cereal range.

A pick n’ mix of mueslis, granolas and porridges made from natural ingredients, with flavour combos so delicious, they’ll blow your pyjamas off. We’ve kept your favourites, added some completely new recipes and cranked up the crisp and crunch.


Breakfast like a King, every day

Some things get boring, but as far as breakfast goes, we Brits are very regular in our habits; a lot of us eat the same breakfast all week. So, we bring you a top of the pops of cereals that will set you up every day. Fill your bowl to the brim and dig in.


Don’t go switching my favourite

We know what you’re thinking. I’ve just spent 9 months restraining and restricting and now Rude Health have taken away my favourite cereal?!

Some of our more niche recipes have been retired. Fear not. Whether you’re a fruity fantasist or hardcore about crunch, we’ll bet on your breakfast that we can find you a new favourite in the Rude Health cereal range. Use our table below to suss out which is the ultimate breakfast switch for you.







Honey and Nuts Granola

Crunchy Almond Granola

It’s nuttier, it’s crunchier. And now it’s suitable for vegans too.

Coconut and Chia Granola

Crunchy Raisin Granola

Raisin lovers are more abundant than coconut fans. This one’s for you. And for the distraught coconut lovers, may we suggest serving it or any of our granolas with Coconut Drink.

Apple and Cinnamon Granola

Crunchy Raisin Granola

Still apple, still cinnamon, just also laced with raisins and clustery granola. You’re welcome.

Super Fruity Muesli

Ultimate Muesli

Super Fruity Muesli was like the Ultimate Muesli’s tamer, younger, sister. Prepare your taste buds for pure pleasure.

Super Seed Muesli

Low Sugar Muesli

Spelt and quinoa give our Low Sugar Muesli a similar texture to Super Seed Muesli, with even less sugar from the fruit. Win, win.

Coconut and Seed Muesli

Coconut Muesli

This one’s had a makeover, but is the same on the inside. And it’s still gluten free.

No Flamin Raisins Muesli

Low Sugar Muesli

Still no flamin’ raisins in this muesli and now with more bite and texture from the puffed quinoa and seeds.

Nutty Crunch Muesli

Crispy Almond Muesli.

Less crunchy, more crispy, and more nutty. But if it’s zero fruit you’re after, try The Ultimate Granola topped with Puffed Spelt.


Match made in breakfast heaven

Take your morning mouthful to the next level by pairing one of our new cereals with a Rude Health dairy-free drink.

Try Crunchy Almond and Raisin Granolas, splashed with a refreshing hit of smooth Oat Drink, award-winning Fruity Date Porridge slowly stewed in creamy Cashew Drink, comforting Coconut Muesli with our crowd-pleasing Coconut Drink, a combo that will take your taste buds straight to the tropics or for those who are sweet enough already, Low Sugar Granola with our best-selling silky sweet Almond Drink.


Searching for something simpler?

Grab a box of our single ingredient puffed and flaked cereals. Single grains, flawlessly flaked and puffed to perfection.

Want to take your breakfast bowl to the next level? Sprinkle any of our single ingredient’s cereals over a bowl of Rude Health Granola or Muesli. Eat now, thank us later.