The Benefits of Brown Rice Milk: All You Need to Know


Rice milk is made by soaking, blending and draining rice in order to extract a liquid that can be used as an alternative to dairy milk. It is a great choice for anyone with a nut allergy, who can’t have almond, cashew, hazelnut or any other nut-based dairy alternative.


We believe in only using the best of the best ingredients in our drinks and our Brown Rice Drink is no different. We use Italian, whole grain brown rice. In fact, our rice milk is the only rice based dairy alternative on the shelf that is made with whole grain, Italian brown rice.

Using fibrous and delicate Italian brown rice gives our drink a natural sweetness and a subtly grainy taste, making it taste delicious both on its own and in tea, coffee, baking and cooking.

So, what else is in it? The brown rice is blended with natural Italian spring water, cold pressed sunflower oil and a pinch of sea salt. The sea salt brings out the flavours of the brown rice and the sunflower oil naturally binds our drink and gives it a smooth and creamy texture. All of the ingredients we use are Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and, most importantly, real.


Brown rice milk makes a brilliant natural base for DIY cosmetics. In fact, you can use our brown rice drink to make cosmetics so natural they’re edible. You’re in rude health when you eat your own face mask.


Pour it on cereal or porridge, add it to tea, coffee, turmeric lattes, smoothies, shakes or bake it into your favourite muffins or cakes. For lick-the-spoon-worthy recipes including a moist banana-fuelled Breakfast Oat Loaf, visit It’s time to get baking with Brown Rice Drink in hand.


The word arsenic is almost always associated with rice and poison, but unknowingly to some, we consume small and non-harmful amounts of arsenic on a daily basis. Arsenic occurs naturally in soil and is therefore also found in foods that grow in soil. Foods where arsenic is most present include grains, fruits and vegetables.

All Rude Health rice-based foods and drinks are repeatedly tested for arsenic and always meet the required standards. The new EU arsenic limits are 200ppb (parts per billion) for adults and 100ppb for children. Rude Health’s Brown Rice Drink is made with high quality, non GM wholegrain rice and comes out at the bottom of the spectrum at 16ppb. Glug away.


You’re in rude health when you know your grains from your gains. Your dairy alt preference changes with your mood. You like your men like you like your rice, wild and Italian.