Cashew Milk: All You Need to Know


Cashew milk is the creamiest dairy alternative because cashews are the milkiest nut. As milk alternatives go, cashew milk is the most similar to dairy milk in texture making it a popular choice for tea, coffee and cereal.

Cashew milk is made from soaking cashews in water overnight to make them soft and blend-able, then blitzing them until they create a cashew pulp. Drain the liquid from the pulp and you’ll have yourself a big glass of cashew milk.



Cashews are related to poison ivy. You know what they say, you can pick your friends but you can’t pick you family…

Cashews are actually seeds. They grow out of cashew apples which are small in size and tropical in taste.


Rude Health Cashew Drink is pure, low maintenance, pleasure. Soft and creamy Organic cashews are roasted lightly to bring out their full nutty flavour, then combined with natural spring water and a pinch of sea salt. Three, simple ingredients. That’s it.

Our mantra is and has always been, to only use real, great tasting, kitchen cupboard ingredients in our products. Cashews bring so much to the table in terms of texture and flavour. All they need is gentle roast and a pinch of sea salt to help their natural nuttiness sing. Who’d have known they were so easy going?

Like all of our drinks, our Cashew Drink is dairy free, gluten free and Organic.


We are crazy for cashew curries.

Become king (or queen) of korma by cooking with Rude Health Cashew Drink at your next curry night. Your friends will be licking the bowl clean.

No karma for korma? Try making our Cashew Vegetable Curry. Creamy, quick and comforting. Capow.


You’re in rude health when… you’re cool as a cashew. You skip ropes, not meals. You always shake vigorously.