A Rude Awakening with Rude Health & Project Awesome

The Rudest wake up in town. Shake up your wake up and add some rhumba to your routine by joining us for an early morning exercise experience like you’ve never had before. We’re celebrating Rude Health’s new Kombucha, by having you feel as effervescent, alive and zinging as the drink itself. Enter Project Awesome.

Mar 06
What's Happening

What to expect:

Love exercise but want to shake it up? Workouts not working out for you? You’re in for a treat. This morning will bring you the battiest routine you’ll conquer yet. Whether you’re a newbie to exercise or a seasoned pro, you’ll be swept off your feet whilst doing the best kind of work out, the belly laughs variety.

This event will be as wacky as we are. Join us for a morning of madness. We’ll treat you to kombucha breaks between workouts to zing you back into the swing of things.

Plus, you’ll leave with an ear to ear grin and a whopping great bag of Rude Health treats to fuel your post work out breakfast.

You’re in rude health when… You hurdle your garden gate. You skip ropes, not meals. You secretly love running for the bus.


More about Project Awesome:

Project Awesome are the rainbow chinks in a city of grey. An unashamedly inclusive, loud, proud, high-energy free fitness initiative…Kickstart your day with a heck yes. Not a gym and certainly not a boot camp. There’s no membership and no fees. – it’s here you’ll meet some of the most inspirational people the UK has to offer.


More about Rude Health:

Rude Health are a family-owned food and drinks brand that have been blowing peoples pyjamas off with mouth bogglingly delicious food since 2005. Quality is our mission. Flavour is our mantra. We believe that with food this good inside of you, you can do just about anything.

We believe in living fast and dying old. Wild Swimming, Bog Snorkelling, The Naked Bike Ride, you name it, we’ve done it. Did you know the phrase to be ‘in rude health’ is actually an old English expression meaning up for life and bursting with energy? Is there a more ‘in rude health’ activity than Project Awesome workout? No, we don’t think so either.

Event Information
Wed 6th Mar 2019 6:30am - 7:30am
The Scoop at More London, London, SE1 2AA