Rude Health Wild Lifedrawing Class

Shake up your wake up. Add some rhumba to your routine. Join us for a wild swim. Clothes optional. 
Meet us at The Serpentine Lido.

Oct 18
What's Happening

The swim will be lead by the wild swimming pros, The Wild Swimming Brothers, who will show us how it’s done. Calum will be in Manchester, Jack hosting in the Serpentine.

Post swim you’ll be met with a warming Rude Health breakfast spread before heading off to work…
 in rude health. Literally.

Event Information
Wed 18th Oct 2017 8:00am - 9:00am
Rude Health Cafe, London
Meet at the Serpentine Lido
Dive straight in for your wild swim.
8.30am - 9.00pm
Enjoy a mouth-bogglingly delicious 
Rude Health breakfast spread of porridge, granolas, and hot drinks.

The Wild Swimming Brothers


Who Are the Wild Swimming Brothers?

Robbie, Calum and Jack Hudson, are three brothers who have grown up paddling in the lakes of Yorkshire these three felt like fish out of water in their dabble with office jobs. So they dived back in. Since then they’ve been the first to swim across the Saltstraumen whirlpool, they’ve completed the 9 day, 90-mile, River Eden challenge and have taken on the mission to get us all to reconnect with nature through wild swimming. Count us in.