Healthy Snacking: A New Take On Health


Have you ever thought about what constitutes a healthy food or drink? To most people, healthy means having foods that are low fat, low carb, low calorie and low sugar. At Rude Health, we believe that buying a low-calorie, low carb or low-fat snack doesn’t automatically make it a healthy snack. Likewise, labelling a snack as gluten-free or dairy-free doesn’t automatically make it healthier.

We like to think about health in a slightly different way. We determine a food or drink’s healthiness by its quality and how nourishing it is for our bodies, not by health claims. Determining healthiness by something’s health claims tends to generate anxiety around food and take the fun out of eating.

Food should be made out of food and enjoyed and celebrated in its natural state. We’re talking ingredients that are pronounceable and recognisable, not processed, fortified or chemical.

We’ve carried this simple mantra through all of our foods and drinks, including our four ranges of snacks – bars, crackers, oatys and cornitas.

We encourage everyone to be as interested in ingredients as we are. Try to understand what’s actually in their snacks and to look for snacks with nutritious and recognisable ingredients. Snacks should be made from the best of the best ingredients. We won’t settle for less.

We have a big collection of easy, quick and lip lickingly delicious snack recipes as well as four ranges of dribble worthy Rude Health snacks, ready and waiting. Read on.


So, your outlook on what makes a healthy snack has changed. It’s time to take snacking in to your own hands. From quick dips for your crackers like kimchi miso and guacamole to easy flapjacks and savoury oatcakes piled high with toppings. We’ve pulled out our favourite snacking recipes so that you can get your Delia Smith on.

Kimchi Miso Dip / Simple avocado and lime guacamole / Kimcheese cornitas nachos / Date, Oat and Pumpkin seed flapjacks / Sweet potato and feta on turmeric oatys / Sea Salt chocolate almond butter filled oatys



Pushed for time but want a quick, easy snack to eat on the go? You’re in luck. Whether you are into sweet, savoury or swavoury snacks, we’ve got a bar, cracker, cornita or oaty that will be right up your street.



Say Hola to Cornitas! Healthy snacking never tasted so good – trust us. Our Cornitas are triangular corn based chips and are made with no artificial anythings and come in two exciting flavours, Black Bean and Chickpea & Lentil. These gluten free snacks are a great alternative to crisps for packed lunches, dip dunking, canapé topping and nacho making. Learn more about them here.


Our fudgy, date based bars are the perfect snack for all the sweet tooth-ers out there. Packed with fruit, veg, nuts and seeds, they come in five varieties – The Beetroot, The Sweet Potato & Cacao, The Coconut, The Peanut and The Pumpkin. Refined sugar? Zero. Artificial Ingredients? Zilch.


We have six flavours of Oatys, all equally as perfect for snacking on their own, stuffing with sweet and savoury fillings, sandwich style, or piling high with toppings.


Puffed, popped and packed with taste, our range of seven varieties of crackers are all made with a unique blend of grains. Gluten free, high fibre and organic, your biggest decision will be what to have on top of them… if anything.