Introducing Rudely Alternative Recipes.

Five ingredients. Five steps. Five Recipes.

Dinner party dilemma? Family to feed? Need a hit-the-spot homemade meal in a hurry? We’ve got your covered in rudely alternative style.
To celebrate the versatility of our dairy-alternative drinks, we’ve have teamed up with chef, writer and food stylist Anna Jones to launch five, five ingredient dinner recipes. They’re quick, easy and above all else, full of flavour, with each one using a different drink from our rainbow range.

Hazelnut and Basil Mac and Cheese

Made with Hazelnut Drink for a full nutty flavour.

Easy, cheesy, makes you weak at the knees-y.

Coconut and Butternut Green Curry Soup

Flavour with Coconut Drink for a silky sweet soup.

Tasty. Hasty. Soup-er Delectable.

Green Chickpea Pancakes with Oat Drink

Made with Oat Drink for a subtle oaty flavour.

Flippin’ simple. Flippin’ delicious.

Cashew, Roast Sweet Potato and Tamarind Curry

Flavoured with Cashew Drink for a creamy rich curry.

Cashew curry in a hurry. Dinner. Sorted.

Almond and Turmeric Miso Ramen

Flavour with Almond Drink for a naturally sweet broth.

Made in minutes. Slurped in seconds.