At Rude Health, we champion real taste and enjoyment. Our pick’n’mix of dairy-free drinks, cereals and snacks are made of all-natural ingredients. Delicious enough to munch-from-the-box and glug-from-the-glass.  

That’s why this Summer we partnered with Quirky Campers to give up-for-lifers a full-flavour, full-adventure kind of holiday – by packing each of their camper vans with a Rude Health breakfast spread. 

Staycation-ers across the country put their tastebuds into gear and hit the open road with a brilliant breakfast and a cozy bed to sleep in.  

Interested in hiring a Quirky Camper yourself and waking up in heaven, visit their website here. Or do you own a campervan with an adventure on the horizon? Pop an email and we’ll send you a free breakfast hamper on us.