No child should go hungry during the COVID-19 crisis. Sadly they are. We want to provide 80,000 meals. That means we need to raise £100,000. We need your help.


We’re asking you to flip pancakes to help feed vulnerable children and provide free school meals. Time to flip, feed & nominate.

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Want to get involved but can’t flour and/or eggs for love nor money? We’ve got you covered. Nena Foster, has whipped up some flippin’ fantastic pancake recipes for you.



225g Rude Health Daily Oats

300ml Rude Health Drink (which ever flavour you have in your cupboard)

100ml water

2 eggs

1 ½ tsp baking powder

3 tbsp peanut butter

1 tsp cinnamon

Pinch sea salt


275ml Rude Health Almond Drink

200g flour (a mix of whole grain and plain flour or all wholemeal)

½ tsp sea salt

1 tsp baking powder

100ml full-fat coconut milk

1 medium banana, mashed


Peanut Butter Oat Pancakes (Flourless Recipe)

No flour. No problem. With just a few ingredients, you can enjoy a stack of delicious and filling pancakes. You batter believe it. Feel free to swap out the peanut butter for another nut or seed butter, even tahini works well.

Makes 12 X 8cm pancakes


  1. Add the ingredients to a blender jug or large bowl and blend until smooth using a high-speed blender, smoothie maker or stick blender. Pour the batter into a measuring jug for easy pouring. Allow the batter to rest for 10-15 minutes while you get together your equipment and toppings.
  2. Lightly oil a non-stick pan using oil on piece of kitchen roll.
  3. Heat the pan on a medium-high heat. When heated pour the batter into the pan, cooking 2-3 pancakes at a time, making sure you have space to flip the pancakes.
  4. Cook the pancakes for 2-3 minutes, flip and cook again on the other side. Transfer the cooked pancakes to a plate and carry on cooking until all the batter has been used.
  5. Serve the pancakes warm with your toppings of choice. Refrigerate any leftovers and eat within 3-4 days.


Allergy info: eggs


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Coconut & Almond Milk Pancakes (Vegan, Eggless Recipe)

Light and delicious pancakes, with just a hint of creamy coconutty or almondy sweetness. These pancakes work well with savoury or sweet topping, so get flipping and get topping.

Makes 12 pancakes


  1. Add your dry ingredients to a large bowl and whisk to combine. Make a well in the centre.
  2. Add both the milks into the well along with the mashed banana. Let this sit for 10-15 minutes whilst you prepare your toppings.
  3. Lightly oil a non-stick pan using oil on piece of kitchen roll.
  4. Heat the pan on a medium-high heat. When heated pour the batter into the pan and cook until bubbles form on the surface before flipping. Carefully flip the pancake and cook for 1-2 minutes. Repeat until all the batter has been cooked.
  5. Serve with a selection of toppings sweet or even go for something savoury. Refrigerate any leftovers and eat with 3-4 days.


Allergy info: Nuts


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