Ginger Zinger with Rude Health Kombucha

Tangy, zingy, sweet & effervescent, Kombucha is fermented tea.

Our friends at Market Hall Fulham have taken the Rude Health Ginger Kombucha one step further.

Introducing the ‘Ginger Zinger’.

Who needs alcohol when you’ve got that booch buzz? The ultimate evening aperitif.

Photo credit: @AlexRoryJacobs


15ml fresh ginger juice (or 1tsp finely grated ginger)
15ml lemon juice
15ml agave nectar
Rude Health Ginger Kombucha
Lemon wedge


  1. Mix ginger, lemon juice and agave nectar
  2. Top with Rude Health Ginger Kombucha
  3. Mix gently
  4. Serve with ice and a lemon wedge