Hot Horchata

Horchata, made from tiger nuts, is a speciality of Valencia. It’s creamy with a hint of sweetness and is enjoyed over ice. We’ve heated this one for added richness and comfort and called it hot horchata. The dream.


Hot Horchata

1 cup of Rude Health Tiger Nut Drink
Cinnamon sticks
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract/powder


  1. Pour Tiger Nut Drink into a pan with cinnamon sticks and vanilla
  2. Heat over a medium heat, occasionally stirring until bubbles foam on the top.
  3. Turn off the heat and strain into a mug
  4. Happy sipping.

(For hot chocolate version: just add your favourite cacao/cocoa blend to taste)


Tiger Nut drink now available in-store and online at Waitrose, and Ocado. For exact Waitrose stores see here. Go get em’ tiger.