Oaty Cheese Pairing

Rye Oaty

The Dark, Smoky Oaty.

A snack with attitude. Rye has a lovely dense and nutty flavour. It’s toasty notes go brilliantly with the fresh lightness of a delectable lactic goats cheese.  Try the Dorstone.



The Oaty

The Classic Oaty.

Made entirely with oats from Scottish farms, extra virgin olive oil and a dash of sea salt. It’s oaty crunch matches perfectly with a tangy traditional Cheddar, like a buttery rich Hafod Cheddar. That’ll take you to snack heaven.



Black Sesame and Chia Oaty

The Really Seedy Oaty.

Jam packed full of seeds and crunch. Add a rich creamy brie for the perfect contrast in flavour and texture is a rich creamy brie – like Baron Bigod or Finn.



Ginger & Turmeric Oaty

The Spicy Oaty.

Spicy and different, these oatys go incredibly well with a rich blue.  For us it was all about the Lanark Blue. Add a wee dram of Whisky on the side to top it off. Perfection.



Spelt Oaty

The Nutty, Slightly Sweet Oaty.

The nuttiness and richness of the spelt oaty partners perfectly with a soft pungent washed rind cheese.  We love it smothered with a St James.