Rooibos Kombucha with Tick Tock Tea

Kombucha just got more exciting. We’ve partnered with Tick Tock Tea who are a family run tea brand that specialises in making mouth bogglingly delicious organic and sustainable teas. Try their Rooibos tea in this Kombucha for it’s subtle and delicate flavour that will have your mouth drooling in no time. Brew-tiful.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a sparkling, fermented tea. It’s made from combining sugar and tea with SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) to create a gloriously refreshing and naturally effervescent drink.

Why it’s best not to make Kombucha with just Rooibos Tea.

When brewing Kombucha it is best to use at least 25% black/green tea and not just Rooibos tea as the base for your initial brew. This is because it doesn’t have fully oxidised tea leaves, which the SCOBY needs to thrive.



Black or green tea (3 bags per litre of water or loose tea)

100g sugar per litre

Freshly filtered water

Some raw Kombucha or apple cider vinegar 50-100ml per litre

Kombucha SCOBY, homemade or purchased online




2 – 3 tbsp brewed Tick Tock Rooibos Tea 



  1. In a large wide-mouth glass jar, make a strong tea with boiling water. Using roughly 3 tea bags per litre. Until the jar is half full. (Kombucha fermentation is an aerobic process, meaning it needs to be in contact with air, which is why we recommend using a wide-mouth jar.)
  2. Now add sugar to the strong tea and stir well until it dissolves. We suggest about 100g of sugar per litre, but it’s best to taste as you go.
  3. Once dissolved, remove the tea bags. Top up the glass jar to just over three-quarters full with cold water.
  4. The infusion should now be warm, which is cool enough for you to add the raw kombucha – about 50–100ml per litre – and the SCOBY. If you don’t have any raw kombucha you can use raw apple cider vinegar, but only about 30ml per litre.
  5. The SCOBY will float happily to the top, sink, or sit on its side. All are fine, as long as within a few days a SCOBY has settled or formed on the top of the sweet tea. If no SCOBY forms you will have to start again.
  6. Cover your jar with a piece of muslin and secure with a rubber band. This will keep the fruit flies away and reduce the risk of mould. Leave it to ferment in a warm, airy but not sun-drenched spot, at about 24–30°C. If it’s cold, your ferment will take many weeks until it’s ready; when warm it will take between 10 and 14 days.
  7. Insert a straw to the side and underneath the SCOBY every day or other day and taste your kombucha. When it’s just the right level of sweet-sour, remove the SCOBY using your hands and place it in a bowl, immersed in some of the newly made kombucha. This SCOBY and the liquid are now ready to be added to a new batch of freshly made sweetened tea. And so the cycle continues.
  8. Before you bottle, give it a big stir. This will mix in the yeast which usually sits at the bottom and help to make it fizzy.

Time to get flavouring. 

  1. Steep 1 bag of Rooibos tea as you would in a mug. Leave to brew a strong tea before removing the tea bag. Spoon 2 – 3 tablespoons of the brewed tea into the kombucha and stir.
  2. Fill your bottles to about three-quarters full, seal them, and leave them out at room temperature for 2–3 days until fizzy. Refrigerate.


That fizz is all natural. Zing.


Don’t have time to make Kombucha at home? We’ve done the work for you! Rude Health Kombucha can be enjoyed on its own or you can use it as a raw starter to make your own Kombucha.

Our Kombucha is made just as you would make it at home, on a bigger scale. Made with Sencha green tea, it is unpasteurised, uncarbonated and we let fermentation do its thing.

It comes in two classic flavours; Original and Ginger. Take your pick. Available from Waitrose.


You’re in rude health’re effervescent. You like big booch and you cannot lie. You’re a mighty booch.