Should I Go Dairy Free?

A dairy free diet. What does it mean? And is it better for you, and the planet?

Here is our deep dive into the world of the dairy free diet. Read on and decide if it is the right move for you.

Dairy Free Milk Range

What is a Dairy Free Diet?

A dairy free diet is one that excludes anything made from animal milk. This includes ingredients such as cheese, yoghurt, butter and cream. This dietary shift could be done because of specific health reasons, such as an allergy to milk, or as a part of a larger ethical lifestyle choice. Nowadays, it is far easier to ditch dairy than it was even 10 years ago. Almost every dairy product has a dairy free equivalent, from cashew cheese to oat yoghurt. We think our dairy free drinks are a delicious and refreshing alternative to milk, and if you didn’t know already, there is a rainbow of drinks for you to discover.


Is a Dairy Free Diet Healthier For Me?

When is comes to health, each person is unique. There is no one size fits all approach to the matter. If you are considering making a shift in your own diet, we would advise doing so with the support and advice of your doctor. Simply cutting out dairy without the correct understanding of the nutrition these products offer, and the necessary substitutes required in order to make the change work for you, could result in larger health issues. Please always follow the advice of your doctor, and do what works best for your body and lifestyle.


Is a Dairy Free Diet More Sustainable?

Lately, the dairy industry has been criticised and boycotted due to the pressure it places on the environment, as well as the maltreatment of animals. A particular concern is the huge amount of water that is required- and often wasted- in order to make just 1L of cow’s milk. And while these factors are not to be ignored, not all dairy-alternatives are created equal either. All dairy alternative crops, from soya to almonds to oats, require water to grow, manufacture and transport but some crops are simply more sustainable dependent on where they are grown. For example, we source our almonds from Sicily as opposed to California. You can find out more about why, here. We advise doing your own research, from reputable sources, into which dairy alternative is the best option for you.




Can Children Go Dairy Free?

Yes, but with always only with the support of their doctor. Like adults, some children are allergic to dairy, and for them going dairy free is essential. Their doctor will be able to advise on the best way to make this dietary shift. If you are considering making the shift for other reasons, please discuss the matter with your GP. Your doctor will be able to give the best nutritional advice and guidelines in order to ensure the best outcome for your child.


Rude Health & Dairy

At Rude Health, we believe in encouraging whatever diet is right for you and brings you the most joy. What you choose to eat, or not eat is completely individual. But whatever you choose, we encourage choosing the best quality foods and drinks that your budget permits.