Straight Up Soya

Ahoy, Soy.

Introducing Rude Health’s newest, and pinkest, dairy-free drink.

Less is moreish with Rude Health Soya Drink. It’s a simple blend of organic European soya beans, natural spring water and pinch of sea salt. That’s it.


Not only is our drink just straight up soya, we’re also keen to be straight up when it comes to soya sustainability. There are some concerns around soya in relation to hormones and deforestation. Soya has a hormone which is similar to a hormone that we have. This thought makes people uneasy, but the reality is, you’d have to eat piles of tofu and drink gallons and gallons of soya milk for that to ever cause an issue.

Soya is largely grown in the Amazon rainforests, contributing to large amounts of deforestation and loss of wild life. This is not something we want to contribute to. So, we don’t. Instead, we source our soya from France and Canada, where it is grown in much smaller yields, is non-GM and also organic. Win, win, win.

Late to the party or arriving in style?

It may look like we’re late to the party on this one, but, despite soya being one of the most popular dairy-alternative drinks, we’ve refused to launch a Soya Drink until we found a sustainable, non-GM, organic source of soya to use. Dairy-free isn’t always automatically better for the environment. We encourage everyone to read the labels of the dairy-alternative drinks they’re drinking and make sure they’re choosing one with sustainably sourced, natural ingredients.


Soy Delicious

Soya Drink is similar to dairy milk in terms of taste and texture, which makes it a great choice for first time dairy-free drinkers. It’s creamy and gently flavoured, which means it pairs well with just about anything.


How we like it

Creamy, dreamy lattes: soya froths like a dream and is a neutral accompaniment to coffee.

Breakfast of champions: splash it over your favourite Rude Health Granola for an extra refreshing start to the day. Our porridges don’t mind a bit of Soya Drink either.

Baking bonkers: swap out milk for Soya Drink in your next baking adventure. We love the creamy, nutty edge it gives to cakes.