The best oats in town…

Celebrate World Porridge Day with free porridge from the Rude Health Café

On October 10th, The Rude Health Café by Putney Bridge will be giving away 100 free bowls of porridge.

Don’t walk, run.

The offer is in celebration of World Porridge Day, an entire day dedicated to recognising the health benefits, versatility and deliciousness of a good old bowl of porridge.

 About the Rude Health Café

Just a hop and a skip from Putney Bridge, the Rude Health Café was created by the award-winning food and drinks brand, Rude Health. The aim? Deliver daily, great tasting, breakfast and lunch options, which make you feel as good as they are good for you. You’ll find a selection of breakfasts, soups, sandwiches, salads and, of course, porridge.

Need your porridge fix but can’t make it south of the river? Have no fear. We’ve lined up our top places to get porridge on World Porridge Day and, better yet, they’re spread across London, so you’ll never find yourself too far away from a bowl of the good stuff.

Top places to eat porridge in London on World Porridge Day

Glow Bar

West London locals, you’re in luck. Made famous recently for its moon milk and alternative lattes, Glow Bar are putting on a World Porridge Day special. Oat my god, it’s going to be good.


Farm Girl

Farm Girl, now with three locations – Nottinghill, Shoreditch and Chelsea – bring you bircher like you’ve never had it before. Oats soaked with turmeric, honey, cinnamon, sesame seeds & almond milk topped with candied nuts and strawberries. Spoons at the ready.



Tibits are putting on a show-stopping World Porridge Day special and because they now have two London locations, one just off Regent Street and another in Southwark, there are no excuses to miss it.


Pear Tree Café

Start your morning with a stroll around Battersea park and stop off for breakfast at Pear Tree Café. Their Almond Milk Porridge tastes even better because you get to eat it while overlooking the boating lake. You’re in safe hands as they’re already experts in the field, having competed in last year’s Rude Health Porridge Championships. Oat-so-fab.


Luminary Bakery

The amazing all-woman team behind the coolest social enterprise in town also run a small café in Stoke Newington. They make a sublime selection of sweet treats and are adding porridge to their menu, especially World Porridge Day. To top it all off, proceeds from the bakery and café go towards helping disadvantaged women and supporting their growth and empowerment at the bakery.


Farmer J

Farmer J’s bring you porridge in its finest form with a selection of seasonal fruits. This conscious café is all about ethical farming and with two locations in the City of London, it will be easy to pop out for a porridge in your lunch break.


Henrietta Inman at Yardarm

Dare to dream of the perfect porridge? This could just be it. Imagine a puffed oat and walnut brittle with baked figs, a dollop of yoghurt and honeycomb. Opening in Leyton on World Porridge Day (October 10th).


High Mood Food

Gurus of gut health, they are seasoned pros at creating divine dishes that serve not only your pallet but your gut. Dash to Duke Street to check out their deli or stop by Spitalfields for their kitchen of creation.


Where else?

Brochan Cafe & Groats Pop Up

It’s not just London that is getting a slice of the oaty action. For Edinburgh friends, there is a bowl of porridge waiting for you to dig your spoon into. Hit up Brochan Cafe and Groats Pop Up.

About Rude Health

In 2005, Nick and Camilla Barnard set out to create the world’s most enjoyable muesli. As well as being face-meltingly delicious, this Ultimate Muesli turned out to be incredibly good for you. Twelve years later, it’s still blowing people’s pyjamas off, and it’s been joined by a huge range of Rude Health cereals, snacks and drinks made using the best of the best ingredients.

At Rude Health, we make our food out of great things and don’t add anything fake or artificial. When you apply that philosophy to your life, you’ll find you don’t need diets or supplements. Instead, you stock up on good friends and dirty weekends; skinny dips and Beaujolais. Porridge is just oats……but wine is just grapes. We believe in living fast and dying old.  If you live like that, you’re in rude health. You feel you can do just about anything. You run for the bus in heels. You skip ropes not meals. You moonwalk. You start a breakfast brand from your kitchen table.