The Muesli Box Challenge

Grab your nan, rope in your cousin and invite round the neighbours for a big ol’ game of the muesli box challenge.

Caution: may cause a family feud, but it’s nothing a coconut espresso martini can’t fix.

Aim: To pick the box off the floor, only using your mouth.


Equipment and preparation: 


Number of players: The more the merrier.


How to play:

  1. Empty your Rude Health Ultimate Muesli box (into your cereal bowl, on top of your crumble, or straight into your mouth).
  2. Put the open, empty box in the middle of the room.
  3. Starting with the youngest player, take turns to bend over and pick up the box without using your hands.
  4. When everyone has had a turn, rip, or cut the top couple of inches of the box off.
  5. Put the box back in the middle of the room and give everyone who was successful in the last round another go.
  6. Repeat this until you can’t rip the box any further, or everyone you’re playing with can’t pick it up.
  7. The last player who can get down and pick up with it with only their mouth wins.



You’re in rude health when… there’s a queue under your mistletoe. You spike your porridge with brandy butter. You shake all the presents under your tree.