The Rude Health Bog Triathlon

You thought the World Bog Snorkelling Championships was wacky. Meet the Rude Health Bog Triathlon.  

The Bog Triathlon came about in 2005 in Llanwrtyd Wells, the birthplace of the famous World Bog Snorkelling Championships, and has been running every summer since. Ready for a Triathlon with a twist? The 15th annual Bog Triathlon is definitely that. We’re talking running, mountain bike riding, and bog snorkelling. As you do.


The event consists of a muddy run around the Waen Rhydd Bog, a mountain bike ride, and a length of the bog itself. There’s something for everyone.

  •  The Full Bog Triathlon. The Whole Hog. An 8 mile run and 12 mile bike ride finishing with a length of the 60 yard bog.
  • The Full Bog Triathlon Relay. Completed in teams of three. Each individual competes in one element of the Triathlon. Either the run, mountain bike ride or the bog snorkel.
  • The Bite-Sized Bog Triathlon. For those who aren’t seasoned athletes. 3 mile run, 6 mile mountain bike ride and a length of the 60 yard bog.
  • The Bite-Sized Bog Triathlon Relay. For when you want the bite-sized Triathlon in bite-sized pieces. Completed in teams of three. Either run, mountain bike or the bog snorkel.


You’re in rude health when…

you don’t walk. You run.

You set the bar high.

You’re no bog-standard snorkeler.


Sound like this will work up an appetite? Your post Triathlon needs will be met by a spread of mouthboggling delicious food and drinks from Rude Health.


Check out our interview with the man behind the madness. Bob from the bog HERE.

This sporting title isn’t bog standard it’s flipper-ing marvellous. Go on, take the plunge and don’t bog it.

Sign up online now HERE. Rude Health will be there in full force, serving porridge and handing out swimming hats.

When: 24th August 2019 11am. We dare you.

Where: Waen Rhydd Bog, Llanwrtyd Wells

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