The Rude Health Bog Snorkelling Championships

Introducing The Rude Health World Bog Snorkelling Championships 2019.

Bog Snorkelling is literally as it sounds, a competition where you snorkel the length of a bog, as quickly as possible. The event, hosted in Llanwrtyd Wells every August Bank Holiday Sunday is just the bank holiday inspiration you’ve been looking for. The event summons a global audience to snorkel two lengths of this notorious peat bog, weeds and all. The idea was dreamt up by Gordon and his pub pals in 1976 at the Neuadd Arms Pub down the road. It’s no surprise that 34 years later it’s a ‘must do’ in all of our calendars. So, why not sign up for the 2019 World Bog Snorkelling Championships?

5 things you didn’t know about bog snorkelling:

  1. The rules are there are no rules, actually, that’s not quite true.
  2. There is one important rule, no conventional swimming. Flipper force alone has got to get you from a to b(og) in this competition.
  3. Everyone’s a winner here. Everyone gets a medal.
  4. Fancy dress is positively encouraged.
  5. Swallowing bog water is positively discouraged.

You’re in rude health when…

You’re a bog snorkelling fanatic.

You’re no bog-standard snorkeler.

You’re Bob from the Bog.

See our interview with the man behind the madness.

Bog Snorkelling Event

This sporting title isn’t bog standard it’s flipper-ing marvellous. Go on, take the plunge and don’t bog it.

When: 25th August 2019

Where: Llanwrtyd Wells

Start time: 10 am

Tickets: Buy your tickets online

Don’t worry if you don’t grab a ticket, you can turn up at the bog on the day to dive straight in. Rude Health will be there in full force, serving porridge and handing out swimming hats.

Bog Snorkelling. We dare you.