The World Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championships

Mountain Biking on a whole new level.

Ever wanted to race through a 50 yard bog on a mountain bike wearing a mask and flippers?  Us too.

The World Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championships is hosted in Llanwrtyd Wells and was born after an overwhelming demand for more bog activities, following popular events such as The Bog Snorkelling Championships and Bog Triathlon. They decided to mix Mountain Biking with Bog Snorkelling to create an event like no other. Genius.

To claim the MTB Bog Snorkelling title involves mountain biking through the famous Waen Rhydd Bog as fast as you can peddle whilst wearing a snorkel and flippers.

The bikes used are specially prepared to stop them from floating by adding lead to the frame and the tires to give extra grip on the bed of the bog. The cyclists themselves are equipped with weighted belts and backpacks to ensure they don’t float away from the bikes, as well as a mask and snorkel. Wetsuits are advised although fancy dress is actively encouraged.

The event takes place after the Rude Health Bog Triathlon at Waen Rhydd Bog on the 24th August at 2pm. We dare you.


You’re in rude health when…

you’re a mountain bike bog snorkelling fanatic.

You set the bar high.

You’re no bog-standard snorkeler.


This sporting title isn’t bog standard it’s flipper-ing marvellous. Go on, take the plunge and don’t bog it.

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